Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Housing Estate in Cold-Water Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Housing Estate in Cold-Water - Case Study Example This report pertains to the development of Cold waters housing initiative as apparent from the computer-graphed image above which will mean that the current map of the Cold-Water will have a large number of landscape changes made to it with a possible usage of land swaps and remodeling.At the outset it is possible to see from the graphically configured diagram of the Waterside View above it can be seen that it is not only a housing area but the inclusion of the aquatic leisure centre is all set to increase the commercial value of the estate. The plan is to focus upon terraced houses and low rise flats for an increase in the landscape beauty. The housing estate will be complete with a new leisure centre ,a public covered swimming pool, a training pool, and generous opportunities for gymnastic and sports activities. It is also planned that there will be two nearby single storey retail warehouses with expansive surface car parking for them and n restaurants/cafes with outside seating areas for the summer. All vehicle servicing will be underground. As mentioned before the housing plan includes a lot of low rise flats which will be around this commercial property and a liberal amount of landscaping will be provided from the dock area above. This area was formerly a low wage income area before the government too initiatives to bring out the commercial potential of this place. The residential housing is for both commercial and council purposes. There is a total of 55,600 sq m of residential housing available 60% of which is based on the PFI initiative and will be sold or leased back to the Local Government.The problem here is that due to the lack of labour etc there are likely to be delays in building which may cause fines being imposed upon the constructing firms.These delays may also be aggravated by the scientific protests going on. The idea for the commercial accommodation is feasible enough as the plan includes reasonably priced properties along with balconies and roof gardens and secure car-parking underground. The demographics, densities and styles around the locality and styles of local housing developments There are many neighbourhoods surrounding Cold water like as Steel Town, Chemical Town, Coal Town where is there is a rampant issue of economic decline and a change in function. New

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