Friday, January 31, 2020

Motivating oneself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivating oneself - Essay Example How does one keep himself or herself moving even when feeling lazy? How do an individual push himself or herself to grow, be able to take risks, and become better even when things are not going on well? According to chandler (54-56), there several tools used in motivating oneself. This includes ones heroes, role models, and rivals. Heroes are people who others aspire to become, those looked up to and whose actions are admirable. In having a hero, an individual will be pushed to be able to keep high standards in ones action. In addition, it helps one to ask himself or herself how the hero would respond when feeling low or dispirited. In having heroes, entrepreneurs are kept on the right track when having doubt on what is supposed to be done. Moreover, they will find source of strength when they require and be motivated to perform at their peak. Second tool is the role models, these are people whose characteristics are admired by others and everyone tries to imitate. Entrepreneurs can have many role models who excel in different field. Thirdly is using rivals in motivating oneself. Rivalry is a powerful driver that keeps one moving; it makes an individual entrepreneur more innovative and even pushes him or her forward. Rivals exist in different industries and or in the field of work hence, it is a powerful motivator. Entrepreneurs will first have to identify who their rivals are, and be able to find out more about their progress and successes. In doing this they will manage to push themselves to be able to out do their own rivals. Entrepreneurs should choose who their best competitors are, the ones they admire most and keep them in their minds as the standard that they are required to beat. Rivalry will always keep entrepreneurs focused and pushes them to work harder than they have done. They will not be lazy, contented, and even when being congratulated for any good work they have done, they will always be having their competitors to drive them

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