Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Magnetic flux density Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Magnetic flux density - Lab Report Example What is more appalling is that most of these deaths occur in developing countries. Cameroon is one of the developing countries which has been cited to have high mortality rate. According to Ross (1996) HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases are the major cause of deaths in Cameroon. This paper seeks to discuss the causes of high mortality in Cameroon. This is with a view to highlight workable solutions to this problem. Mortality rate in Cameroon was last measured in 2011 and found to be at 383.19 (World Health Organization, 2011). This figure places it position 18 when ranked alongside other 20 countries in the world having highest mortality rate (World Health Organization 2011). It is indicated that this high mortality rate in Cameroon is largely contributed by high infant mortality and maternal mortality. For instance, research show that in Cameroon, mortality and Vitamin A deficiency rates in children are very high (Seth, 2009). Findings from Seth (2009) indicates that in Cameroon, for every 1,000 live births, 200 children die before reaching their fifth anniversary. 40 percent of these deaths are the underfives Vit A deficiency (Seth, 2009). Seth also shows that only 13 percent of children in Cameroon sleep under mosquito treated nets. Because of these, there has been reported increase in Maria in Cameroon. Reportedly, Maria account for well beyond 40 percent of deaths in Cameroon for children under five years (Newman, 2013). Research has shown that high maternity mortality is another contributor to the overall increased mortality rates in Cameroon. As found out by Newman (2013) maternal mortality in Cameroon stands at 680 per 100,000 births. This being the case, the question is what causes these high infant and maternal mortality rates in Cameroon. It is largely indicated that that in Cameroon, low birth weight contributes to 70-80 percent of infant mortality rates (Newman, 2013). The New

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