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Essay on Was and Why It Happen Essays

Essay on Was and Why It Happen Essays Essay on Was and Why It Happen Essay Essay on Was and Why It Happen Essay 10/11/2011 To: Pamela Ansaldi From: Paula Black Subject: Richard Wright and Malcolm compare and contrast essay. Richard Wright and Malcolm x were two gigantic inspirational speakers. They were two historians who pave the way for what America has become. Although it’s an ongoing journey their struggles and determinations, have given many other who followed in their footsteps. The courage they need to open the doors to discriminations instilled in it. Love, peace and acceptance and to formed unity amongst all people. Richard Wright was African American born in 1908. Wright studies the dictionary furiously in the quest to search for truth. He became one of the most intellectual American writers in the history of America. During this time while black people were ignored. Compared to Malcolm X Malcolm x an African American born in 1925. Malcolm x studies the dictionary while serving time in jail on a burglary charge. Malcolm x studies the dictionary diligently to become the most intellectual speaker in the history of America. In contrast Wright came across an article from the Memphis commercial appeal editorial page . which was denouncing the editor H. L. Mencken by one of his own white nationality. He sets out to find the meaning of this article it costs him to borrowed a library card from one of his coworker. He embark upon the biggest changing event of his life. He found out how the white man works. He knew why black people were being mistreated. The white men said Wright had to be quiet, he knows too much. In retaliation his wife and two daughters were taken. Wright could not bear the guilt. He went into depression and was seen by a German physician. Shorty afterword he was succumbed to a mischievous and unexplained death. Malcolm x did not exceed eighth grade. He went into crimes as a young man. Imprisoned, he read books from the library. He was inspired by one of his classmate named Bimbi . Malcolm said his classmates would take over every conversation that they were in. Malcolm excels after he was released from jail. Malcolm joins the nation of Islam, He was appointed by Elijah Mohammed, as minister and national spoke man he was disappointed when he found out his mentor Mohammed has committed fornication which is against Muslim’s religion, Malcolm x took a pilgrimage trip to Mecca. There is view of disgust against white people change. He made amends He returned to the state found out he was no longer welcome by Elijah. he founded his own mosque . Malcolm x

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